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Science, Technology,
Engineering, Math

STEM is a program for Fourth Grade through High School. Our innovative program earned Living Science a spot as one of three finalists in the 2013 Technology Association of Georgia STEM awards.

Leadership Training

The Servant Leader program is one of the most distinctive aspects of the Living Science educational experience. Both students and parents rave about the blessings and benefits it provides to students in their development as Christ-centered leaders in today’s increasingly secular world.

What We Believe

We focus on teaching children according to their learning styles so that every child can experience the excitement of learning. We strongly believe learning should be enjoyable and should occur through “hands-on” experience as much as possible. Everyone deserves to be inspired to become the best he or she can be.

Why Living Science?

We model discipleship from the top down beginning with the staff. We instruct from a biblical world view, teaching to all learning styles. Our expeditions and field trips focus on revealing the fingerprint of God in every facet of life.

Our Approach

We start by creating an environment that encourages students to move beyond academic excellence and develop godly character. We teach children — not just a curriculum. We seek to find the magnificent diamond hidden in each child, polish it and make it sparkle.

Community Outreach

Our strategy is to work with businesses and organizations in our community and the wider internet audience to provide STEM and related offerings to our students, many of whom will go on to benefit their communities as sought-after workers, entrepreneurs, and innovators of high integrity.

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